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Thumak Thumak Capcut template new trend

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Thumak Thumak Capcut template is currently trending on social media and everyone has started making their videos using this template. So today in this post we are providing you the link of Thumak Thumak Capcut Template New Trend, so that you too can create a stir by using this template on Instagram and TikTok. This template is based on thumak thumak jab hitech song which is a Pahari song. And let us tell you one more thing that using the template is not very difficult, just click on the Use This Template button given below and in the post Follow all the steps mentioned.

Thumak Thumak Capcut template new trend
Template NameThumak Thumak capcut template new trend
TypeVelocity effect and optical zoom
Aspect Ratio 9:16
Duration 00:24 second
Made By Highfy

About Thumak Thumak Capcut template

Thumak Thumak Capcut template new trend is a viral video which is attracting a lot of people on social media. Actually, this video was made by an Instagram user in which you can see her dancing in Thumak Thumak Jab Hitech song.

The special thing about this template is that velocity effect and Camera movement effect has been added to it and also the beat has been synced with Thumak Thumak song which makes the video more attractive. And the good thing about this template is that it is very easy to create a video using this template, in this the user can create a video in just one click without any video editing knowledge.

How To use thumak thumak capcut template new trend ?

First Step: install Capcut App

install Capcut app on your device, to install it you can go to Google Play Store or if it is not available in Play Store then use Capcut apk.

Second Step: (optional) Connect VPN App

If you have installed Capcut Apk, then install this super Vpn app and open the vpn and connect to the server. But users who have installed Capcut app from Google Play Store do not need to connect VPN.

Third Step: Now open the installed capcut app and follow this simple step below

  • select your video by click + button
  • Click music icon to add thumak thumak jab hitech song
  • Trim Your video according song time duration and remove unnecessary part from video timeline
  • Now make a cut at the first 4 seconds of the video clip
  • Select the clip on which you want to apply velocity effect.
  • After selecting the video clip, click on style option and tap on velocity Effect.
  • Now choose flash effect and apply the settings mentioned below.
    • Beat frequency +100%
    • Speed +0
    • Strength +60% or 70

Now apply this setting and after that go to Effect option and click on > Video Effect. – Now go to > Night Club option, there you will see camera movement effect, select it.

Note: Use the camera movement effect as per your requirement to enhance the Thumak Thumak CapCut template.

capcut template

Here is a video tutorial to make Thumak Thumak capcut template new trend video

Thumak Thumak Capcut video editing

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when we saw people’s reactions to the video made by Thumak Thumak Capcut Template New Trend, we came to know that many people were surprised to hear the tune of this Pahari song.

Now I think from this you must have understood that this template is very popular right now and in my opinion you should also make a video on it.

Hii, I am sulendar and Welcome to The CapCut Templates APK. This website is a collection of the hottest and new trending capcut templates for you. Our collection is stylishly designed to help creators create Instagram Reels and TikTok videos. We are here to provide you unlimited capcut templates to shine in the digital world.

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