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Beat 5/5 anh capcut Template New Trending

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if you are looking for this beat 5/5 anh capcut template then you have come to the right place. Because in this post we are going to share this template with all of you, which makes a video by combining 5 photos

Beat 5/5 Capcut Template
Beat 5/5 Anh Capcut Template

About beat 5/5 anh capcut Template

beat 5/5 anh capcut – This is a capcut template that combines 5 photos together to create a great video, including video animation, effects, text, etc. The most important thing about beat 5/5 Anh Capcut template is that the photo in the video has been beat synced with the tune of music, which looks very mesmerizing

Use in Capcut App – beat 5/5 Anh capcut template can be used in the Capcut application to create your video in just a single click, for this the user does not need much video editing because it is a template that can be used many times once created

How To Use beat 5/5 anh Capcut Template

Now let’s know what steps you have to follow to make a video from this template

Step – 1

Install CapCut App – To use beat 5/5 Anh capcut template, first install the CapCut application from the Google Play Store or App Store. But if this application is banned there, then you can download and use its APK from the Internet. Note that download the APK from the official website itself and then install it on your phone. After installing, you can resort to VPN to give internet access to the capcut app

Capcut App – This is a video editing application, which has many features to edit the video. Such as keyframe, chorma key, multiple layer, etc. But the most useful features for people are templates, with the help of which people can easily create trending Instagram and Tik Tok videos

Step – 2

Click to Capcut Template – Now here we will give you the link of this capcut in which it will be written that use this template on capcut. So you have to click on that link, after which it will automatically redirect you to use the template in the Capcut app

Screen shot of beat 5/5 Anh Capcut Template
Screen shot of beat 5/5 Anh Capcut Template

Note: If you are not able to use the capcut application, then connect the VPN to the most

Connect VPN To Use Capcut

Step – 3

Now, as soon as you click on that button, this link will open in automatic capcut to use the template. After this, you will be able to make a video with the help of this template by adding your photo here

List to use Capcut Template:-

  • Click ‘ Use this template on CapCut’
  • Now Click ‘ use Template’
  • Add your photos

Before making a video in this template, we would advise you to select your own photos whose quality is good

Editing Proses

We would like to tell you that it does not require much editing, but if you want to change the text, you can do that and also add or remove animations, but if you want to change the background music of the template, then follow the steps below

How To Change Background Music of This template

It is very easy to change the background music of this template, for this, first save the video with the default music of this template and follow the tutorial according to the list mentioned below

  • After saving the video, open the saved video in the VN App
  • Now turn off the default music by clicking on the speaker icon once
  • Now click on the music layer and select the background music that you want to put with this video
  • Now save the video by setting it according to the beat of the music

In this way, you can create trending videos running in Tik-Tok and Instagram with the help of CaPcut template


In this post, we have told you how to edit the video in this template, with the help of which you can make trr videos and follow the trend of Tik Tok and Instagram.

So I hope this post has been very useful for you. So if you want to ask or tell something about this post, then you can also message us on Instagram

Hii, I am sulendar and Welcome to The CapCut Templates APK. This website is a collection of the hottest and new trending capcut templates for you. Our collection is stylishly designed to help creators create Instagram Reels and TikTok videos. We are here to provide you unlimited capcut templates to shine in the digital world.

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