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New urban Name Capcut Template Video Editing

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A new urban name Capcut template video is trending in Instagram and Tik-Tok these days. So in today’s post, we are going to tell you how to edit this video so that you can also make a trending video with your own name. I tell you at the beginning of the post that it is very easy to make a video of the Urban Name Capcut template and you will make the video in a single click, so let’s tell the editing tutorial

Urban jungle Name Capcut Template
Urban name Capcut Template

From This Post You will Learn

  • You can Make Reels video with your own Name
  • Capcut Template will Help You To Make This Video in single click
  • How To Add urban Font
  • How to Add or Change Background music
  • Timeline Adjustment
  • Export Video

What is Urban Name Capcut Template?

Although people call it urban capcut name template, but let us tell you that this template represents your name or any title very well because it has a beautiful picture set of a mountain in the background of the name or title and accordingly fonts have also been used for the name, which looks like an intro of an action movie. And the best thing in this template is that the background music is beatsynced

About Capcut Template

Let us explain to you about the capcut template in easy language, the capcut template is a type of pre-prepared preset that can be used multiple times to create the same video, for example, let us tell you that the way preset is used to edit photos in the Lightroom mobile application, in the same way in the Cap Cut app. Video can be easily created with the help of cap template

Features of Capcut Template

Here are some common features you may find in CapCut templates:

  1. Transitions: Templates often include pre-designed transitions between video clips, such as fades, dissolves, wipes, or zoom effects.
  2. Text and Titles: Templates may include customizable text overlays and title sequences, allowing you to add text to your videos with various font styles, sizes, colors, and animations.
  3. Effects and Filters: Templates might offer a range of visual effects and filters to enhance your videos, including color correction, vintage effects, glitch effects, and more.
  4. Motion Graphics: Some templates may include pre-animated motion graphics, such as lower thirds, animated icons, or graphical overlays, which can be easily customized with your own text or images.
  5. Soundtracks and Audio Effects: Templates may come with pre-selected background music or audio tracks to enhance the mood of your video. They might also include audio effects like sound effects or voice modulation.
  6. Stickers and Emojis: Templates could provide a library of stickers, emojis, or animated graphics that you can add to your videos to make them more engaging and fun.
  7. Speed Controls: CapCut templates may offer the ability to change the playback speed of video clips, allowing for slow-motion or fast-forward effects.
  8. Color Grading: Some templates may include predefined color grading presets or filters, allowing you to change the overall color tone and mood of your videos.

These are just a few examples of features commonly found in video editing templates. Remember to check the CapCut app or website for the most up-to-date and specific template offerings.

How To Make Urban Name Capcut Template Video

To create an Urban Name Capcut template video, first download the necessary material that will need urban fonts and an image of a forest. All of them can be downloaded by clicking on the Link button given below

Editing Proses

Step – 1 First, open the Capcut application, then add the downloaded jungle image and keep its time duration for 14 seconds

Step – 2 Now add the text layer in which you write your name

Step – 3 Now to design the names you have written in urban fonts, there you will find a section of fonts, click on it and add the downloaded urban fonts

Step – 4 Now you can adjust your name in the screen, zoom out and zoom in to adjust

Step – 5 Now save this video

Keep the aspect ratio of the video to 9×16, but if you want, you can also select the aspect ratio according to your choice

Adjust video ratio

How To Use Unban jungle Name Capcut Template

Now we are going to tell you how you can create urban name trending videos in a single click. So let’s find out

So for this, first of all, make sure that you are from a country where VPN is needed to use the Capcut app. If yes, then first connect the VPN and then open the Capcut app and let it stay in the background

Top 5 Urban Name Capcut Template

Urban name Capcut Template
Urban name Capcut Template

Urban name Capcut Template
Screen shot 1

Urban name Capcut Template
Screen shot 2

Urban jungle Name Capcut Template
Screen shot 3

You can use all these templates by clicking on whichever urban name capcut template you like above

Capcut Template Use Method

It is very easy to use the Capcut Template, for this, click on the Use This Template on Capcut button given on the post. As soon as you click on that button, it will automatically redirect to the capcut where you will get the option to use the template

Now replace the clips you saved earlier with the clip of the template. And save the video


You can customize a lot in the template, such as changing the animation and background music of the template. And you can also apply the filter of your choice


In this post, we told you how to create a trending video with urban jungle name using urban name capcut template. In which we have also told you to download fonts and jungle images. So I hope our post helped you make an urban name template video

If you want to tell or ask us something related to the post, then you can comment us and you can also message us on Instagram

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